8 Proven Methods to Promote Old Posts in WordPress

Do you want more people to see your website? One of the simplest and most effective ways to increase the number of pageviews on your website is to promote older, more relevant articles. We’ll go through some of the finest methods for promoting older WordPress posts in this article.

For starters, let’s examine why it’s critical to publicise older postings.

A lot of blog posts are written and then forgotten about, languishing in the site’s archive.

What’s the point of wasting all that work, money, and time? You can get more traffic by promoting older, relevant posts. The following are eight tried-and-true strategies for promoting older WordPress posts.

Using a Video as an Instructional Tool

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The following paragraphs are for you if you didn’t enjoy the video or need more information.

1. Share your old posts on social media on a regular basis.

You’re only being viewed by a small percentage of your social network fans when you post updates. Mostly due to the fact that the internet is a noisy place and not everyone is online at the same time.
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So, it’s best to spread the word at various times of the day. When you use the Revive Old Post plugin, your old posts will be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It allows you to maximise your visibility by dispersing your updates throughout time.

See our article on how to distribute your old WordPress posts automatically for more information.

2. Use your blog to show off related articles.

For example, whether you go to TechCrunch, Mashable, or even WPBeginner, similar information appears next to or beneath each post.

An engaged user is one who has read your full content all the way to the bottom. You may encourage your visitors to look around your website by using a similar posts plugin.

3.Show the most popular posts from your blog

You are right when you say that 20% of your website content receives 80% of the traffic. Popularity is a function of the number of views an article receives.

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Why not increase the number of people who see them? With just a few clicks, you can begin presenting your most popular content. It’s more probable that new visitors to your website will read content that other users have already found compelling.

Here are a some of the most popular WordPress posts plugins.

4.Make 404 Pages That Work Better

The default 404 page template is included in the vast majority of WordPress themes. 404 pages are shown when a user attempts to access a page that cannot be found.

You can take use of this to show off your most crucial pages and keep the visitor interested. Including a search form on the page can help users find the information they need.
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Here are step-by-step instructions for customising your WordPress 404 page template.

5.The ability to search WordPress more effectively

WordPress comes with a basic search feature that may use some improvement. In general, there are two ways to do this.

The first is to replace the WordPress search with a Google Custom Search form. You may also use a plugin like SearchWP to do a search on your site.

Both of these options will assist you in finding more content on WordPress.

6.archive pages that you create yourself

One of the best ways to highlight your outdated but still essential material is to create a unique archive page.

Popular posts can be displayed together with other information such as how many comments they’ve received, how recently they were posted, and so on Additionally, you have the option to show all of your post categories and tags, create compressed archives, and include a search form in your site. People will be able to find and comprehend your blog’s content more easily as a result of this. Incorporate a sign-up form on the page, too.

WPBeginner’s archives may be of interest to you as well.

7.Include Backlinks to Previous Articles

One of the most significant SEO strategies is to increase the number of internal links on your site. Internal linking is something you should do on a regular basis.

Every time you link to an older post, you’re helping the user out. Clicking on links takes you from page to page on the web. Make sure there are lots of links for them to click on your own.

Also, we have a guide on WordPress SEO suggestions for newcomers that you may find helpful.

8.Comment links to previous articles that you’ve read.

When responding to comments left by readers on your blog, use links to other articles on your website to help direct them.

While you shouldn’t push it, keeping it in the back of your mind will open up a slew of new possibilities for you.

As a result of this, your pageviews will rise. This link you’ve added will remain on the page indefinitely, directing new visitors who have the same question to it.

We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with some fresh ideas for promoting your WordPress site’s archived content. You may also be interested in our list of 40 WordPress blog management and growth tools.

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